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Network access at the Kawo2
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At Kawo2 you get a fast access to the university network and over that to the Internet!

This service is provided by unpaid volunteers in their free time.

Questions or Problems?

The MAC addresses of Your new devices could be added on


You are interested in technology and motivated? Creative? Prior knowledge is helpful, but not necessary 😉

Fees & Conditions

To use the network you have to be a member of Kawo2 e.V. (association) and be a resident of Kawo2. The association membership costs 1,50 € per months, therefor the total monthly fees add mostly to 5,50 €.

joining the association10 € once
association membership1,50 € p. month
network access once10 €
network access p. month4 € p. month

For the registration, you need to pre-register at the self-service terminal in the copy room (Kopierraum). Afterwards, please come to our consultation hours (see above), even during the pandemic. You should at least have some offical photo ID (like passport, "Personalausweis" or "Aufenthaltstitel", no BlueCard, no health insurance card) and your rental contract from Studierendenwerk (or subrental confirmation) ready.